Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we've been asked many questions about The Single Gourmet. Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Should you still have a question, please send us an email at

How many men/ladies are attending a particular event and what are their ages?
Honestly, we don't know until the day of the event. In the past, we tried our best to provide estimates, but they usually proved incorrect.

It is now our policy to not provide attendance or age/gender breakdown estimates.
What is the proportion of men to women at events?
The Single Gourmet membership consists of about 40% men and 60% women. For events where reservations come in 'out-of-kilter,' we start waiting lists, to ensure acceptable ratios.
Is there prearranged seating at your dinners?
Yes.  Nearly all our events have prearrange seating with your first name only on place cards at the table. Our tables usually consist of eight to ten people in compatible age groups. Although not all of our tables will have an equal number of both sexes, the worst ratio you will find (from a woman's point of view) will be three men to five women.
Can I just drop in at an event and pay at the door?
No.  You must book and pay for an event in advance.
What is the dress code for The Single Gourmet events?
Please note that there is a no-jeans / no-sneakers dress code for all Single Gourmet events.

Casual: Outdoor events, BBQs, boat cruises – Open neck shirt and casual pants for men and sun dress or knee-length dress shorts and summer top for women.

Business Casual: Dinners and socials – Collared shirt, dress pants, sports jacket for men; dress or dress pants for women.

Semi-formal/Business: Dinner dances – Business suit and tie for men; business suit, dress pants or dress for women.

Formal – Black Tie Optional: Formal dinner dances – Dark suit for men and cocktail dress for women. Galas – Tuxedo or dark suit and white dress shirt for men; long or short formal or cocktail dress for women.

The dress code is indicated for each event.
Can I make special requests?
Yes, we encourage members to give us feedback. If you see someone at another table you would like to sit with at a future event, tell us and we'll try our best to have you at the same table. Or, you may have been seated with someone you do not wish to meet again, tell us and we'll make sure you're never at the same table.
How long do the events last?
Mid-week events generally end between 10:30pm and 11:30pm but you'll find some people engrossed in conversation till the late hours. If there is dancing, the event may last till midnight or beyond. Weekend events and special banquets with entertainment can go to one or two in the morning.
Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
Except for some special events where the catering is restricted, yes we can, simply tell us when you reserve and, if possible, we'll have your needs looked after. We have strict vegetarians, people with various food allergies and people with religious food restrictions who are members. In most cases, we are able to provide alternatives.

When reserving, please state any possible problems that you may have with the menu for an event.
What is the age of your members?
Although the age range is from 30 to 60, with the majority of members in their 40s and 50s.
Is my name or other personal information ever given out?
Absolutely not! The personal information you give us is kept strictly confidential. It is not given out to anyone –including other members– unless authorized by you. We do not sell or share any of your information!!!
Can you help me contact someone I'd like to talk to?
We'll try our best. If you meet someone at an event and you wish to contact them... as long as you have their first name and can tell us the table where they were seated, we can attempt to arrange it by calling the person and getting their permission to release their phone number to you. Or arrange to have them call you. We get these requests all the time, so don't feel shy about following up and contacting someone you've met at an event.
I really would like to meet someone of the opposite sex. Can you help?
The Single Gourmet is neither a dating service nor are we matchmakers. We are a social club for singles providing a variety of upscale social events most of which are centred around dining. That said, a large proportion of the people who join The Single Gourmet are looking to meet someone of the opposite sex. At our events you will meet a steady stream of new people who are also looking to meet you. We provide the environment… the rest is up to you.
Do people arrive alone at events?
Almost everyone arrives alone. Members bringing guests usually arrive together but when they reserve, we encourage them not to request to be seated together, after all, you're at the event to meet new friends.
At dinner dances do women ask men to dance?
The answer is yes; in fact most men are flattered when a woman takes the initiative and will rarely refuse.
How many monthly events do most people attend?
This is one question we are unable to give a definite answer. Some people only attend the smaller dinner parties while others prefer the weekend dinner dances. It's really up to you... One month you may be unable to attend an event, while another month you may attend every event. It's your choice!!!
Do people at The Single Gourmet date? 
Yes, many of our members date. Surprisingly, just as many women at The Single Gourmet ask men to go to a movie or dinner, as the other way around. Men are usually delighted to have a woman take the initiative, when the occasion arises.
What happens if I'm unavoidably detained and arrive late?
In most cases, no problem, if you let us know in time we'll tell the kitchen to hold your meal, or if you arrive a little late, just tell the host/hostess, they'll take you to your table, help you get seated and you will just catch up with everyone else.
What happens if I cancel at the last moment, or fail to show at all?
There is no refund if you cancel your reservation during the last 72 hours before an event, or fail to show. If you cancel more than 72 hours before an event, we'll credit you the amount you paid for the event, which you can apply towards your next reservation.
Can a non-registered guest attend a The Single Gourmet event?
As we're a private club, registration is required. Having said that, a non-member interested in joining The Single Gourmet can attend an event as a guest, on a space available basis. To book an event, you must first register with us.

Also, we encourage registered guests to introduce friends to the club by bringing them to an event as a guest.
How do I book and event and pay for my guests?
As all our events are planned and booked in advance, we require all guests to be registered online with The Single Gourmet. If you wish to invite and pay for others, please have them register online first. Then call us, we'll gladly process the payment for you.
What does the event price include?
Unless otherwise stated, event prices include dinner and gratuities, as well as entry in cases where entertainment is part of the event. You are responsible for drinks and any other off-menu item you order.
Do I need a PayPal account to pay for an event?

No, you do not need a PayPay account to pay for an event. We use PayPal as our online payment processor.

When you come to make a payment, our website will automatically transfer you to PayPal's website to complete the transaction. You can then chose to log into PayPal to make the payment, or not.

If you do not wish to log into PayPal, simply click on the Don't have a PayPal account? (as show in the image circled in red) link to complete the payment. The advantage of using a PayPal account is that you can record your personal and credit card info so you don't have to re-enter this data each time you make a payment.

Still have a question for us?
Please send us an email at