About The Single Gourmet

The Single Gourmet is a social dinner and fun club for unattached men and women who are looking to meet and socialize with other single people, without feeling pressure.

We arrange two to three events every month and once registered you simply go online for the events you wish to attend.

Discover The Single Gourmet. Come share the good life. As soon as you register with The Single Gourmet, you'll be invited to gourmet dinners, exciting dinner dances, cocktail parties, summer barbecues, boat cruises and other exciting events.

Meet Other Single People Without Feeling Pressure. We know that you, as a single, unattached man or woman face a lot of pressure. You are not alone.

There are many unattached people today. Whether they're single, separated, widowed or divorced, they're really all single. And they all face the same challenges, men and women alike. We live in a world of instant expectations that puts enormous pressure on single people when they want to meet other singles.

We hear the same story when singles come to us so we know it's true. Whether you go to online, to dances, bars or dating services the feeling for singles is the same - you have to create an instant image as if you're merchandise to be accepted or rejected.

It doesn't have to be like that! There is an easy way for you, as a single person, to meet and mingle comfortably with other unattached men and women right here in Ottawa. And there's no pressure, only the pleasure of good company, good food and easy conversation. The Single Gourmet has been active in Ottawa for over 25 years. We are part of an international social dining club with affiliates in major American cities. We are the only affiliate in Canada.

As a member of The Single Gourmet, you meet a steady stream of interesting single people.

We take care of all the details! And what's really important is that you're personally welcomed at all events you choose to attend in a manner that puts you immediately at ease. You belong!

But remember, the heart of The Single Gourmet really is pleasure without pressure. It's a chance to meet new friends… and perhaps that one special person. It's elegant surroundings and superb dining. It's fun! It's adventure!

Check out our events. You will be pleased.

Meeting people is what we are all about. Our group includes every interest, profession, background and lifestyle. Ages range from 30 to 60, with the majority of members in their 40s and 50s. They all enjoy socializing, dining and meeting people. The most common reaction people have when they hear about The Single Gourmet is… this sounds too good to be true!!!

From your first event, you belong. It's only natural that you would wonder if you'd be comfortable with a group like this. On arriving at an event you'll be personally welcomed and introduced to other guests during the cocktail hour. For dinner, you'll be seated at tables of eight or ten with dinner companions in your age group, offering an interesting blend of company and conversation.

What's really important is all the details are taken care of – that's what we're there for. You are there simply to socialize and enjoy yourself.

Across North America. The Single Gourmet started in New York and has since spread across North America. As a member of the The Single Gourmet Ottawa, you can participate in club activities in other cities. Please visit our Single Gourmet Chapters page for a list of other chapters.

Calendar of events. The Single Gourmet really means pleasure without pressure. Whether you come to one event a month or every event we host, you'll always meet new unattached men and women, who, like you, have a zest for life and want to make friends.

As part of an exclusive club, you'll be invited to some of the best activities in the Capital Region. You'll always be personally welcomed at every event you choose to attend. You belong.

You can subscribe to be notified whenever new events are posted. Simply click on the subscribe link at the bottom of any events page.